• How can I prolong the use of my candle? The most important step is to keep your wick trimmed! Before each burn, ensure the wick is only 1/4 inch tall. Also, keep your burn times to only 4 hours at a time--this also keeps your jar from getting too hot. Lastly, keep your candle in a cool, dry climate with the lid on when you aren't burning it to preserve fragrance.


  • How can I purchase an item in bulk or a custom scent/label? We appreciate you having interest in a bulk or custom order! We do offer event favors and private label contracts. Please fill out the contact us form or send us an email at info@winxcandlebar.com to discuss your inquiry.


  • Can I upcycle my candle jar? Yes, we recommend you do so! To remove the leftover wax you can freeze your vessel and break or pop out the frozen wax. Or, you can pour boiling water into the vessel and the remaining wax should float to the surface for you to remove. Clean the vessel well with rubbing alcohol to remove excess wax & hand wash.


  • My candle wick is forming a black mushroom shape when burning, is this normal? Yes, this is called mushrooming which means that carbon is accumulating on the end of the wick. However the mushroom should not be large. Extinguish the candle, trim your wick to 1/4 inch and relight it if that is the case. Mushrooming can also happen if your candle has been burning past the recommended timeframe of 4 hours maximum.


  • How long do Shower Shots last? Our Shower Shots are made to be durable until coming in contact with water. When placed properly, they take about 5-10 minutes to dissolve. It is recommended you use your Shots within 3 months of purchasing for optimum potency & structural integrity.


  • Are Shower Shots skin safe? Yes, all ingredients used are safe to come into contact with skin, as may happen while they dissolve on the floor of your shower. That is, unless you are allergic to any of its ingredients. We do not recommend using them in the fashion of a bath bomb or to cleanse your skin in any way. Do not ingest.


  • What if my Shower Shots break? Because of the dry nature of its ingredients it is possible but not very likely. If Shower Shots are broken in transit, dropped at home etc., they are still fully usable. General 'crumbs' are common. Be careful & aware of fallout when unwrapping the product.


  • How many Shower Shots should I use at once? Each shot is meant to be a single use item, though they sometimes last for two uses. To get the most from your purchase, you should use only 1 per shower until it fully dissolves.