About WCB & The Owner

About Us

Hi, I'm Malanee', the founder of Winx Candle Bar-- affectionately known in my household as Winx. Thank you so much for exploring my store! I had been nurturing a love for candles for about 3 years as I ventured off into this one woman show. I eventually realized that I could make all of the scents I admired from big businesses on my own. My passion for all things fragrance, whether it be perfume, fragrant food or a yummy candle, has re-birthed itself in the form of this business. I've always had a creative mind, but now I can mesh two passions together to give you the best handmade candles (& more) that you can find.

I take pride in offering unique & diverse scents that fill your space with good memories and vibes. There's no doubt that fragrance is connected to many parts of our most joyous and nostalgic memories. It brings me comfort knowing that I can help to spark and inspire you through the sense of smell. 

For those who associate a 'bar' with somewhere you go to kick back, mingle with good people & enjoy a cocktail, the secondary meaning to 'Candle Bar' is to bring you a similar experience of pleasure & leisure through our brand's community & refreshing variety. 

That is why I invite you to indulge & connect with us both here and in our social media communities, where we are truly interactive and social! You may find us @WinxCandleBar on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok.

We are also proud members of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild as of 2021. 


  Behind the scenes I work hard as a chandler and small business owner to make my mark through excellent customer service and reliable products. Please never hesitate to provide me with feedback so that I can continue to elevate the Winx experience for you all.  



 Malanee' G.