Live a Fragrant Life

Winx Candle Bar is a home goods brand specializing in handcrafted scented luxuries.

There is an endless amount of nostalgia, emotions & memories that fragrance brings to our lives. We joyfully embrace a community of self-care lovers who enjoy quality fragrance. Our goal is to help you to indulge in the things you love most, right from the comfort of your home.

We're committed to high quality and care. And it is our pleasure to bring exceptional fragrance from our hands to your home.

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  • What candle wax do we use?

    A luxury coconut soy wax blend that provides exceptional fragrance throw. Our wax is not only beautiful but also paraben and phthalate free (no artificial preservatives or plastics) so you can enjoy clean burning candles.

    Coconut Soy Candles 
  • What people are saying about WCB:

    "The Lavender Tea Shower Shots were such a relaxing experience."

    "I love how simple and easy the packaging for your wax melts are vs. others."

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