New Website--Who Dis?

Don't worry--you're in the right place. Things just look a little different around here because Winx got a facelift! This includes, thus far, a 3 part aesthetic rebranding. [If you're reading this blog page, which is also new, consider this a 4th part!]

1. Our website layout is much more pleasing to the eye & coincides well with how we see our brand's image for the future.  A lot of thought and care went into making it more user friendly and pleasing to browse. It smoother flow, and includes many more personal touches & in depth features. [Please check out our "Who We Are" page for an excerpt about our Founder, Malanee' G.] Leave us some feedback if you're feeling this new look! 

2. The most fun change to our rebrand is our new brand colors--we've added one! You'll notice in our newest social media layouts that we now include a deeper toned green with our pre-existing color palette & adjusted our main logo. It will be fun to interchange the colors (because they're all gorgeous) while still keeping the same logo design. Adding the deeper green shade really warms up and rounds out the palette and it also compliments the darker amber glass vessels we are now using for candles,. These new changes go live on our 1 year anniversary, February 26th, 2022! 

3. We are making some slight changes to our packaging. With our new brand color in mind, we are getting new business cards & candle care cards to send out with your orders. Also, we have decided we are no longer including paper packing slips with our regular shipped or pickup orders! Anything that is custom/event based will still receive one. We are doing this for 2 main reasons. It started to seem redundant to print the slips when our order summaries are all electronically sent to you after checkout and are accessible at the touch of a button if you need to verify anything. Additionally, this will save us time, paper and ink costs and mess, when we are packaging orders. We hope you all can see this as a beneficial update just as we do! If at any time you really want a packing slip print, just send us a quick note and we'll be happy to give one to you. 

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